Monday, November 06, 2006

Just a little time

I am wearing him down. I made it into the bedroom last night. My woman allowed me in the bed... I had to laugh in the face of the man, he knew my woman was hugging me and I was in the bed. I sneezed at him, ahhh the laughter that I held inside at the thought of flinging my feline snot on him.... what a sight it was.

I was disgusted by the disrespectful attitude of the girl, she had the nerve to lock me inside a room. I threw up on her bed in retaliation, I hope she discovered it in the dark when sleeping and rolls over into a cold pile of barf. How dare her ever to lock me up again. She tried to pet me, I ran away from her, she had the hair of the other on her hands, how dare her think I will be petted with dirty hands. I laugh in the face of the teenage girl!

My plan is coming together, I think the attack of the feet will happen soon. I must go..... they may catch me on the computer.

I laugh in the face of all man kind!