Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Call in the Exterminator!

Ahhh, my faithful fans, I am back with all the glory I deserve. I am the King of the lair, the amazing and allmighty I am back! Hold on to your hats my friends as I will tell yo a tale to end all tales. The truth and nothing but the truth, so help me Isis.

The humans are trying to outsmart me and trying to give me a new companion, I have smelled her and her stinky feet. It is total blasphemy to call her a feline of my caliber. As delightful as the humans find her, I find her equally disgusting.

I am putting together a plan to rid myself and Nosey of the weak, little thing.... Flower be her name! My faithful Nosey and I will work on taunting and teasing her, to let her get just close enough for a swat across her clumsy little body. How dare anyone bring in something so vile to my domain.

I laugh in the face of you all! Watch for the coming of me, the felines near and far will hear my cry, they will follow me and we will rule the humans, and we will take over the dogs and have them fed to the Lions as a gesture of love from us smaller lions.

I am cat! HEAR ME ROAR!

ha ha ha ha ha ...... I'm still laughing!