Monday, November 12, 2007

Another Day

Today is another day in the life of a cat. You may ask yourself 'Self, what do cats do all day' and I'm sure your 'self' will reply... Funny you should ask, but a day for a cat is very busy indeed.

6:30 am - head butt SD's arm, she won't turn off that flippin' alarm
6:36 am - head butt SD's butt, she still won't turn off the alarm
6:40 am - Meow at the top of my lungs
6:42 am - finally, I can stop the pee pee dance, she is opening the door for me to get out of the room
7:00 am - FOOD YIPEE for food....
7:02 am - fight with Nosey for taking up too much room while I try to eat
7:05 am - Disgusted my the lack of manners from those disgusting felines that live with me, I must go clean myself
7:30 am - SD is about to leave, I must run and rub up to her, she loves it when my fur is all around her legs. I know she does because she runs to the mirror and admires it and then takes a brush and brushes it all pretty.
7:33 am - Nap time
11:45 am - Wake up, do one lap of the house to make sure all is well and that the little one isn't hanging in the fire place.
11:55 am - Snack time
12:00 pm - Nap time
3:30 pm - Pee Pee time
3:33 pm - Snack Time
3:45 pm - Nap time
5:30 pm - Mom is home, YIPPEE, I dance around her feet, I rub on her and if I meow many times in a row she will pick me up
5:35 pm - figure out how to rid myself of all this stress, I must make the man leave
5:45 pm - exhausted, I must nap
6:05 pm - Mom, pick me up, Mom hold me, Mom I love you, Mom... Oh Mom... MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM.... here it comes.... blech... a hairball... I tried to warn you.
6:15 pm - Mom I'm hungry, make the boy feed me
6:30 pm - Trip anyone that tries to go down the stairs, I will eliminate them one by one
6:35 pm - Mom pick me up.. MOM MOM MOM
6:45 pm - I need to pee pee
7:00 pm - Mom I need to sit on you.. Mom Mom Mom Please please Mom MOm
7:02 pm - pick fight with Nosey for the principle of it
7:05 pm - stare at birds, let them know I've dream t of them all day, they will be delicious
7:45 pm - after staring at the birds, I need to nap
8:30 pm - look and see if everyone is where they belong, it is time for number 2
8:45 pm - I must bathe myself
9:30 pm - I'm exhausted I must go to bed, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, carry me down the stairs, put me in your bed, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom MOM I'm tired, Mom put me in bed, Mom Mom Mom, please put me in bed.
9:45 pm - I need a snack, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom Mom, make them feed me, Mom Mom Mom, I'm hungry, Mom Mom
10:00 pm - time for bed, Mom Mom Mom
10:30 pm - Mom is in bed now, I need to be petted, that feels so good.
11:00 pm - watch Mom sleep
11:05 pm - pee pee time, Mom wake up, you need to open the door, I need to pee pee... Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom Mom Mom Mom, wake up
11:10 pm - Mom, open the door, I need to get in bed with you, Mom, Mom MOm Mom... I'll put my paw under the door and bang the door, Mom, you need to open the door, Mom Mom Mom, okay I warned you.. bang bang bang
11:15 pm - Put me in the bed, I need to sleep, Mom, pet me
11:30 pm - watch mom sleep
2:00 am - Mom Mom Mom Mom, I need to pee pee again, Open the door
2:05 am - Dad opened the door and I'll go watch him for a while before I go back to bed, I need to patrol the house
3:30 am - time for a nice nap

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