Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Long time

It has been a long time.. here is the low down on our life.

Nosey (he has a blog noseychattercat) he also twitters

Our newest edition is Bella... a neurotic black and white rescue kitty, almost a year old


Skit & LeStat


the dog mentioned before Missy, she is still with us, she had 9 puppies Feb 2008, of the 9 puppies 2 of the smallest, you may call runt, we kept them, we fed them by bottle from the day they were born... they have Muscular Dystrophy... one of them is hunch backed but she is the most loving doggie, the other has the most severe form she drags herself 80% of the time since she has muscle failure and can't walk.

I will try to start blogging again. Be sure to check noseychattercat out!

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