Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Hello... it has been a few days since I've posted. It has been exhausting lately and I've just not had the energy to type all this mess. It is difficult in a cat world to have humans running around in my house. These are the sneezingist most people I have ever been around. Not dainty cute sneezes, blow your eardrums kind of sneeze.

The man, I think he knows I'm using my secret weapon as it makes him sneeze... I laugh at the man when he sneezes. So many times I will just open an eye and look at the culprit of waking my beauty sleep...and then I dream about walking across his chest while he sleeps... gently, oh so gently I will rub my tail right across his nose. Oh how he hates it... I laugh so hard I have to run in the other room so I won't get caught. I've been leaving special surprizes for the man. I know it hates it when I leave a surprize so I think my plan of making in run for the mountains may work. I have a bit of indegestion and I ... how shall I say it.... well.... I don't know any nice way to say this but.... I barf up a hairball.... it is the most grotesque display of barfing but it leave a big poop looking log of hair in very special places. Oh the laugh I get to see one of the humans step in it.. they get especially cold when they have sat out over night and the humans are waking up and walking into the other room and wham bam... foot right in the barf ball... oh I laugh... and laugh... and laugh

OMG I can't quit laughing.... Oh... that is funny... I have to go... I may dribble from all of this laughing...


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