Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Conspiracy Theory Tuesday 9/12

It has been a fabulous sun bathing day. I've been sitting in my favorite sun spot for most of the day, relaxing and thinking. I do have to tell someone how naughty I was today, I have laughed about it several times today just thinking of how funny I am.

My day starts very early with those crazy birds making such a racket, flapping and singing out of tune. The boy 'H' wakes up before everyone, I watch him closely as I think he is a spy for Flash... anyway the boy was awake, S was in the kitchen making her morning coffee... oh dear how I love the smell of breakfast.... so it was maybe an hour or so after everyone left for school and work... The man 'M' stays here, he stays in the bed and I listen for activity under the door. Nosey had snuck into my sun spot... how dare him, he dare bask in my sunshine that is all for me and only me... me... me... me! I don't want the little twit to know that he has ticked me off... I turn around with my tail in the air as though I had just walked into the room for no reason.. but I did indeed have a reason.. to sleep in the sun. I went and sat on one of the chairs and I watched him, he rolled around in the sun like some retarded sun bather and I watched. Oh and his little eyes were closing as the glare of the sun was too bright for him.. I waited until the time was right... just right.. just a little more time and he would be fast asleep and I would make my move... at the moment I knew he was in dreamland I made the most amazing leap from chair to cat with my catlike reflexes... I pounced.. he didn't know what hit him.... he ran off sideways with his tail all puffed out... I laugh in the face of a cat in my sun spot.

What a fantastic day it has turned out to be... oh dear.... I must clean myself...


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Christina said...

I heard that there was going to be company at your home this weekend. I can't wait to hear what you have to say about it.