Sunday, September 17, 2006

The visit....

Word was out, the grandparents were coming town... they are cat-nazi's.. I learned this a long time ago, back in 1998, before Flash or Nosey, I came to this place and had to stay with the 'grandparents'. They complained about my fur and how 'sneaky' I am... the man placed me in a holding cell... the people litter box.. he came in the room and announced he was dropping something off in the ocean and I thought I was going to hurl from the stentch from the old man's butt... not to mention I viewed his.. OMG I saw his.... oh you know... his 'thingy'...... the tried to pet me on the head, I couldn't help myself.... my reaction was show him my fangs and give a warning hiss.... he chose to ignore and I chose the next action would be my final word... I bite the crap out of him... Oh I laugh at the face of the old man and his scream... like a little girl he screamed... I laugh in the face of a retired sherriff person .... he learned his lesson.. and I earned respect... we chose not to share the same room and I no longer have to endure his litter box follies.

I spoke with Flash and Nosey to let them know I would be running the scenes from behind the scenes. Nosey did his job very well... he ran up and untied grandpa's shoes... and then he began the assault on his head, it is his duty to rid the man of the rest of his hair and lick it all off. The assault on the grandma made me laugh... I laugh in the face of the wanting to be a tough old bird.... she threatened a kick to nosey... I laugh at the thought of her trying to get her slow moving feeble little feet up fast enough... Nosey is trained to trip and his catlick stealth movements would have thrown poor grandma to the floor yelling uncle.

The cat hair assault was wonderful, Nosey and Flash rubbed as much on them as possible.... ahhh to make humans sneeze! I laugh at grandparents sneezing.... HA!

As soon as they left, I came out of hiding and we debriefed in the other room.. .all is well and I didn't have to laugh in their face.

Good night... I'm sleepy.

With my love

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